ShinyEye have recently partnered with Events in Sound, a Bristol based sound studio, to provide visual accompaniment to their emotive productions.
Events in Sound are audio-led content specialists, producing immersive, refreshing listening experiences across platforms.
From audience-focused branded podcasts and audio adverts, to sound-rich visual productions and site-specific work.  Events in Sound is a one stop shop, providing consultation, development and production, all integrated with robust digital strategy.

Our first collaboration is an advertising campaign for PLAN International aired throughout UK cinemas. PLAN International were looking to communicate to their target audience in a refreshing way, and compel them to take immediate action. 
Directed by Events in Sound, the use of darkness, immersive surround sound design and the human voice produced a spellbinding piece of work that demands viewers attention in a cinema environment, raising brand awareness with strong, clear and concise messaging.